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Desights enables Funders to create decentralized, Non-custodial funding pools to support and solve AI and data challenges. Fund competitions, projects, bounties, and more in a secure, decentralized environment.


With Desights, Builders can anonymously collaborate with peers to create innovative data and AI solutions, secure funding for their creations, and can retain full ownership.


Desights enables decentralized, configurable Ownership and Royalties, allowing both funders and builders to hold ownership stakes in the assets created through Desights.

Let's Hear from Our Creators Community

“As a former microelectronics engineer, transitioning to IT presented a big challenge: proving my data skills without prior professional experience. Desights' challenges became the game-changer. They allowed me to showcase my data science knowledge. Every challenge I conquer is an opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities and fuel my career growth.”
“Desights is where AI challenges and talent meet. Unlike many other Web3 platforms that are often plagued by UI and UX issues, Desights AI offers smooth experiences and workflows for both users and organizations. We are eager to continue participating in the platform's rapid growth and ready to launch our very first AI crowdsourcing campaign on Desights!"
“Desights has been a game-changer for me, ensuring a smooth user experience throughout the competition with easy onboarding and seamless wallet integration. The non-custodial publishing of my assets to Arweave permaweb, along with a secure smart contract account, truly enhances the user experience.”

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